Mall Slip and Fall Case Results

$750,000 settlement for slip and fall at mall resulting in spinal injury

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

This case involved a slip and fall at a major mall in the Las Vegas area. The Plaintiff fell on a dark liquid substance, the source of which was never definitively determined. Fortunately, Ramzy Ladah took numerous deposition on this case and spent a considerable amount of time working up the damages through life care plans and expert reports. Although the case would have been very difficult to win at trial, the Defendants were scared of their risk due to the expert reports and future medical expenses estimates in the life care plans. As a result of Ramzy Ladah’s hard work, an extremely difficult slip and fall case to win at trial resulted in a large settlement. Our track record speaks for itself. We pride ourselves on turning difficult cases into big money for our clients through hard work and dedication to the cases and our clients. This is why so many other lawyers and law firms refer us their large personal injury cases.

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