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Neck Injury Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

Neck & Back Injury Lawyers

Neck injuries suffered as a result of a car accident, slip and fall, trip and fall, or any other type of accident often start out as simple stiffness, aches, and soreness.  While the initial neck injury may seem minor at first, like a whiplash type of injury or even seem like a soft tissue injury, it can develop into an extremely severe condition that requires the attention of experienced medical providers. If you begin experiencing any of the following symptoms after an accident involving a neck injury, you likely need treatment with a pain management physician and a spinal surgeon immediately:

  • Radiating pain into your scapula
  • Hot pain and discomfort in your may need injections or surgery to your neck.  This type of treatment is typically offered for two different types of cervical spinal injuries:

    These two different types of injuries require different types of treatment.  The injections you may undergo could be for two different purposes:  diagnostic and therapeutic.  The diagnostic aspect of the neck injection determines which level or disc in the cervical spine is actually causing the pain.  They also help determine if the joints in the spine, known as the facet joints, are actually causing any of the pain.  In essence, it is crucial to determine the pain generator, or the exact origin of the pain within the cervical spine, in order to properly and thoroughly treat your pain.

    Facet Injury Lawyer for Accident Victims

    Facet injuries can often be treated with radiofrequency ablations or rhizotamies, which involve the burning of the nerves.  This nerve burning involves procedures that must be performed periodically, every six to 18 months.  If you have suffered a facet injury as a result of an accident, you will need an experienced attorney to get you compensation for future treatment for future radiofrequency ablation procedures.

    If you have undergone these types of injections as a result of an accident of some type, call Ladah Firm today at 702-252-0055 for a neck injection attorney.

    Neck Surgery from Las Vegas Accidents

    Once the pain generator in the cervical spine is identified, a surgeon can recommend surgery if that surgeon feels surgery is necessary and would improve your symptoms.  Discectomy and fusion is the most common type of surgery performed on the cervical spine for neck injuries.  While the spinal cord stimulator is a common type of treatment that is utilized for accident victims for lower and middle back injuries, it is not typically used for neck injuries.

    If you required a neck discectomy and fusion as a result of a spinal cord injury from a car accident, truck accident, bus accident, slip and fall, trip and fall, or a medical malpractice incident, call Ladah Law Firm today at 702-252-0055 for a free consultation.  It is crucial that you have an experience neck injury lawyer handle your case if you have suffered a cervical spinal injury as a result of an accident, so call us today.

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