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Car Accident Attorneys

Las Vegas Front End Car Accident Lawyer

You or a loved one has been in a serious front end accident. What comes next?

You should, of course, get medical attention immediately. Even a seemingly minor injury may indicate a more serious problem. To protect your rights and your ability to get compensation, you should also contact an experienced car accident injury attorney in Las Vegas as soon as possible – like us at 702-252-0055.

The risk of serious injury or death is very high in front end collisions. Front end collisions often occur when the at fault driver is turning left and fails to yield the right of way to a driver who is traveling straight from the opposite direction.

Front end accidents can also occur when the at fault driver drives the wrong way on a one way street. When these types of collisions occur, the at fault driver is often a drunk driver.

In a free consultation, Attorney Ramzy Ladah will review your case and discuss your legal options. If you choose Attorney Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, to represent you, we will work tenaciously to obtain compensation for you.

A Strong Advocate For Accident Victims

Ramzy Ladah focuses his practice exclusively on the practice of personal injury law. He is a strong advocate for victims of front end accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle crashes and other acts of negligence. Ramzy also represents families in fatal vehicle accident cases.

In representing you, our firm will undertake a thorough investigation to find out how the accident happened and who was responsible. We will work with a medical specialist to learn the extent of your injury and the medical care you will need — now and in the future. We will also calculate your lost earnings and place a value on your pain and suffering for inclusion in our compensation demand.

Whether it involves a front end accident, a drunk driver accident or any other type of car crash, Attorney Ramzy Ladah will work to build a strong case designed to obtain maximum compensation for you.

Standing Up For Your Rights

Insurance companies want to settle their claims for as little as possible. At the firm of Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, our job is to keep insurance companies honest — by helping our clients get the medical care and compensation they deserve.

We will work to build a strong and successful case that obtains maximum compensation for you. We want to help you recover to the fullest extent possible — physically, financially and emotionally.

You can depend on Attorney Ramzy Ladah at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, to do everything he can to get quality and outstanding results for you.

Free Consultation With A Lawyer

For a free consultation with Attorney Ramzy Ladah about a front end accident, contact our firm. Located in Las Vegas, we represent clients throughout Southern Nevada.

Find Out More - Call or Text: 702.252.0055


What Our Clients Are Saying:

…Ramzy took over and he and his staff did just a wonderful job. They got me more money than I thought that I would get… I was just very pleased and would recommend them to anyone else.

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