How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters after a Car Accident

Nevada Car Accident Insurance Claim After a car accident, it is important that you file a claim with your car insurance company as soon as possible. As you navigate through the claims process, consider the following about the proper way to take action outlined here, and these common FAQs about dealing with an insurance adjuster:

1. Do I Have to Answer All of the Insurance Adjuster’s Questions?

No, you do not have to answer all of the questions asked by the insurance adjuster. In fact, you should not answer questions that could be used as evidence of fault. You should tell the insurance adjuster who was in the vehicle, where the accident occurred, and the date and time of the crash. Do not agree to give a recorded statement without speaking to a lawyer first.

2. My Insurance Adjuster Asked for Me to Sign a Release for My Medical Documents – Do I Have to?

It sounds crazy, but your insurance adjuster may ask you to release your medical documents to them, which they may use for two things: First, to determine the extent of your injuries in the crash and make a decision about how to compensation you as such; and second, to see if you have any underlying conditions that may have contributed to the crash. Because your health records could actually be used against you to undermine your claim, you should never release these documents to an insurance adjuster.

3. Do I Have to Accept a Settlement Offer?

Las Vegas Car Insurance AdjusterNo, you do not have to – and should not – accept a first settlement offer. This is because a first settlement offer is likely less than you really deserve, and the insurance adjuster is hoping that they can get away with offering you less than your claim is worth. You should always have a settlement offer reviewed by an experienced attorney who is familiar with your case, and know that you do have a right to negotiate for a higher settlement amount.

4. Who Can Represent Me in Talks with My Insurance Adjuster?

The good news about the claims process is that you don’t have to go through it alone; instead, a car insurance attorney can represent you in all talks with the insurance adjuster, as well as other elements of the claims process.
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