Dangerous Gym Equipment

Gym accident w/barbells

People head to the gym hoping to get buff or at least lose a couple inches from their waistline. Few expect to get a black eye, broken arm, or concussion. But gym accidents happen all the time. Some of them are fatal, whereas others will leave gym goers with serious injuries. Anyone hurt by a piece of gym equipment should call the gym injury lawyers at Ladah Law Firm. We excel at investigating accidents to determine whether you can sue the gym or the product manufacturer for compensation. Below, we look at some of the most dangerous gym equipment.


Instead of going outside, many gym users head for a treadmill to walk or jog. Treadmills are convenient in many ways. You can control the speed and even adjust the incline for a tougher workout. Many people approximate walking uphill for additional calorie burn.

Unfortunately, standing on what is basically a moving conveyor belt is dangerous—especially if you stop moving or slow down without adjusting the treadmill’s speed. Unless the belt slows down with you, it’s possible to be tossed from the treadmill or fall on your face.

Some high-profile deaths have occurred due to treadmill accidents. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s husband died when he fell off a treadmill and struck his head. According to Men’s Health, about 3 deaths are caused by treadmills each year, but a staggering 24,400 nonfatal injuries happen thanks to this piece of equipment.

Someone who falls can suffer a concussion, abrasions, contusions, or fractures.

Resistance Bands

Those who don’t want to pick up dumbbells usually reach for resistance bands. These are essentially big rubber bands which stretch with sufficient effort and are a good way to exercise muscles.

One risk with these bands is that it will snap in two, and one of the ends will fly back and “slap” the user, possibly in the face. Former Senator Harry Reid suffered horrifying facial injuries due to resistance bands failing in this fashion.

Common injuries include lacerations, contusions, eye injuries, and orbital fractures. You should go immediately to the hospital if a resistance band snaps and injures you.

Arm Curl Machines

Any piece of gym equipment could be defective in design or manufacture. Others become dangerous because a gym does not properly inspect and fix the machine.

Recently, Cybex made the news for paying a civil penalty of around $8 million to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for failing to report serious injuries caused by its arm curl machine. Specifically, the machine would fail due to fatigue and the handle would separate from the rest of the machine, causing users to punch their own faces. In fact, Cybex had received at least 27 reports of serious injuries, which included spinal column fracture and paralysis.

Pull-Up Bars

A risk with a pull-up bar is that it will fall—and you’ll fall along with it. At gyms, the pull-up bar is usually part of a machine and should be stable. However, at-home gyms often use bars you attach to your doorframe. There is a real risk that the bar will slip while you are trying to do a pull-up. Many users have reported falling and suffering foot, ankle, and leg injuries, not to mention possible concussion.

Who is Liable for Your Injuries?

Depending on the facts, you might end up suing the manufacturer for a product defect or the gym for failure to inspect its premises. Ladah Law Firm is prepared to sue whoever is responsible for your accident. A gym has primary responsibility when the product was not defective at the time of purchase. Often, gyms become lax when it comes to inspecting their equipment. For example, resistance bands with nicks and cracks should be replaced as they are at risk of failing.

Gyms should also respond to customer complaints. Someone might report that a treadmill was “acting funny.” The gym can’t simply ignore the complaint and continue to allow people to use the treadmill without inspecting it or taking it out of commission.

Were You Hurt in the Gym?

Ladah Law Firm has sued many hotels and gyms for injuries on their premises. Please call our firm so we can discuss possible compensation and the timeline for bringing a claim. You deserve compensation to cover the cost of medical care, other out-of-pocket expenses, and lost income.

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