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The Most Likely Ways You’ll Be Injured in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas – one of the world’s great entertainment destinations. With so much to see and do, it is no wonder that Las Vegas attracts million of tourists each year. But a multitude of attractions, millions of visitors, and busy streets mean that Las Vegas tourists are at an increased risk of suffering a serious […]

Minimize Your Time on Shuttle Buses

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You just got off the plane at the Las Vegas International Airport with your friends and family and you are now ready for a weekend of (responsible) fun. After you get your baggage from the carousel, you are eager to make your way to downtown Las Vegas and to start enjoying the indulgences of the […]

How Safe is Public Transportation

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Every day throughout United States, millions of Americans take some form of public or mass transportation system, whether it is a taxi, bus, shuttle, train, airplane, or boat. Within Las Vegas, there are various methods of mass and public transportation available to residents and tourists daily. These include public buses, shuttles, taxis, Ubers, trains, and […]

What Happens in a Nevada School Bus Accident?

On behalf of Ladah Law Firm, PLLC posted in Bus Accidents on Monday December 22, 2014. Many parents send their children off to school on the bus, expecting that the driver will deliver their children to school and then return them safely at the end of the day. But school bus accidents do occur in […]