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How Can You Prove Negligence After a Bicycle Accident in Nevada

Each year, Las Vegas witnesses nearly 500 bicycle-related accidents, leading to many injuries and, unfortunately, a handful of fatalities. Recent statistics from the Nevada Department Of Transportation reveal that over 430 people suffer injuries annually due to bicycle accidents. Concerningly, drivers are the cause of 94.4% of these incidents. As cyclists ride through the streets of […]

Road Rash is a Serious Bicycle Accident Injury

Bicyclists suffer some of the most horrific injuries when struck by a passing vehicle. In addition to concussions, they might also endure a fractured pelvis, facial injuries, or whiplash. A rib could fracture, leading to a collapsed lung, and many cyclists end up on life support. Road rash is also common, and this little-known injury […]

Rented Scooter & Bike Accidents—Know What to Do

Rental scooters and bicycles have taken the nation by storm. Ten years ago, a person had to buy and then maintain their own scooter or bike, which was often unrealistic. Today, in most cities, a person can pick up a scooter or bicycle, use an app to make payment, and then be on their way. […]

Staying Safe While Cycling In Vegas

Bicycle Safety Basics Bicycling is a popular way to exercise and have fun for many Americans, young and old. A lot of people also rely on their bicycles as their primary mode of transportation, relying on the bicycle to get to work and to run errands around town. Bicycles, like all types of vehicle, pose […]

Nevada Bicycle Laws: How To Avoid An Accident

Go with the flow of traffic. Always obey traffic signals. Make sure you always have a red reflector on the front and back of your bicycle. Always wear a helmet. You’ve probably heard these traffic rules for bicyclists many times. However, when you’re sharing the roadways with motorists these road rules are the difference between […]