Wrong Way Driver Causes Fatal Head-On Collision In Las Vegas

Three people were recently killed in a head-on collision near the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. According to reports, an SUV was southbound on I-15 when it was struck by a car driving the wrong way. The driver of the SUV and one of its passengers were killed in the accident as was the driver of the wrong-way vehicle.

Car accidents like this are, unfortunately, all too common and can leave a family torn apart. The sudden death of a loved one leaves a family with an emotional void that will never be filled again. Mothers and fathers may be left without their child, children without their father or mother, and spouses without their husband or wife. In addition to such an emotional loss, these families must deal with any financial expenses that arose from the accident and any income lost as a result of the deceased’s death.

When a fatal accident occurs, a victim’s family can typically file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent driver. Even if the negligent driver is killed in the wreck, like in the instance mentioned above, the victim’s family can sue the negligent driver’s estate. However, the estate must be sued before it goes through probate, so a lawsuit should be filed quickly.

To win a wrongful death lawsuit a victim’s surviving family must prove the driver responsible for the accident was negligent and that negligence caused the victim’s death. If these elements can be established, and in the case of a wrong way driver they likely will be, then compensation may be obtained.

Once awards are received, a surviving family can pay off bills arising from the accident. This may include medical expenses, funeral costs and any pain and suffering felt by the deceased before passing. These recoveries allow families to focus on remembering their loved one without the financial stressors that remind them of the horrific accident that stripped their loved one away from them.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, “Beaumont man dies in Las Vegas head-on crash involving 7 people,” Robert Stanton, May 21, 2013

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