Will My Insurance Cover Visits to a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist?

Insurance cover Chiroprator or Pgysical Therapist

When dealing with spinal or back injuries, chiropractic treatment and physical therapy are often among the treatment options. This post addresses whether the average insurance policy covers visits to a chiropractor or physical therapist. Both of these varieties of treatments fall into the category of what is generally called “rehabilitative care.” Both treatments are commonly sought by those struggling with issues related to the back, neck, and spine. While chiropractic care is slightly more controversial as a method, many plans cover it. Physical therapy is generally accepted as a useful treatment and is covered by all approved insurance plans offered legally in Nevada.

Will Insurance Cover Chiropractors?

Nevada does not require insurers to cover chiropractor visits, but it does regulate the terms of policies that do cover these services. requires that policies covering these services must apply reimbursements to treatments by licensed chiropractors. The statute also prohibits such policies from limiting either the number of visits or the amount of reimbursement per visit to less than what the policy provides for visits to an ordinary physician.

Because the law does not mandate insurers to cover chiropractor visits, not every plan will cover them by definition. However, most insurers offer options that do cover these visits. Some auto insurance plans also cover these services. You should consult your plan documents to determine whether you are covered.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is required to be covered by all authorized medical insurance plans in Nevada. As rehabilitative care, coverage of these services are mandated by the Nevada Division of Insurance’s Essential Health Benefits. Therefore any plan authorized by the state will cover it. Just as the state licenses chiropractors, it also licenses physical therapists. Because physical therapy is widely regarded as a useful rehabilitative treatment, and is far less controversial than certain other treatments such as acupuncture or even chiropractic care, such coverage is mandatory. Plans are provided to cover a minimum total of 60 rehabilitative or habilitative care visits (this includes other forms of treatment such as occupational therapy as well).

Generally, you do not need a physician’s referral to visit a licensed physical therapist, but you will want to consult with your plan provider to determine what physical therapists are in-network to avoid paying out of pocket or being hit with an exorbitant co-pay.

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