Two Motorcycle Riders Seriously Hurt In Las Vegas-Area Accident

Motorcycle accidents can lead to motorcycle riders suffering serious injuries. Such injuries can have major impacts on a motorcycle rider’s life. Thus, motorcycle accidents can be a very harmful type of motor vehicle accident.

Recently, a motorcycle accident occurred in Nevada in which two people were severely hurt.

The accident happened on Tuesday. That night, an 18-year-old man was operating a motorcycle in the Las Vegas area. An 18-year-old woman was a passenger of this motorcycle.

According to authorities, a collision then occurred between the motorcycle and a car at an intersection. The intersection in question was the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard South and East Silverado Ranch Boulevard. The car was being driven by a 28-year-old woman.

According to the article on KLAS-TV’s website which reported this story, this motor vehicle accident is still in the process of being investigated.

It has been reported that the 18-year-old man and the 18-year-old woman were seriously injured in this crash. The accident also reportedly resulted in the 28-year-old woman sustaining minor injuries.

As this crash shows, collisions between motorcycles and other motor vehicles can result in motorcycle riders suffering great harm.

Thus, one hopes that all motor vehicle drivers in Nevada take all reasonable steps to prevent motorcycle accidents when behind the wheel. This includes keeping an eye out for motorcycles when out on the roads and exercising appropriate care when driving in areas where motorcycles are present. It also includes making sure to obey all applicable traffic laws when driving.

Source: KLAS-TV, “Three Injured in Motorcycle Accident,” March 5, 2013

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