Before You Take Another Bus in Nevada, Read This

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For most, utilizing a public transit system like the RTC is a cheap and convenient way of getting around town. And, statistically speaking, public transportation systems like buses have a lower rate of accidents than other motor vehicles. However, this does not mean that taking the bus is not dangerous. Before you step onto another bus or allow your loved ones to ride a bus in Nevada, consider the following:

Most Bus Accidents Result In Catastrophic Or Even Fatal Injuries

Passengers who ride on a bus rarely have any sort of restraint available to wear. This means that when the bus is involved in a collision, passengers can be thrown from their seats and strike other parts of the bus like seats, windows, and the bus frame.  In a rollover accident, passengers can strike the roof of the bus. Striking such hard surfaces with the force and speed present in many bus accidents can result in serious brain injuries, spine and neck trauma, and other significant injuries. These injuries are easily capable of killing an individual.

Nevada’s Fatality Rates For Commercial Vehicles Are High

In fact, a recent report stated that Nevada’s large or commercial truck fatality rates are among the highest of the western states. While no child has died as a result of a school bus crash, the rate of fatality crashes involving large commercial vehicles is about 7 times higher than the national average. Most commercial vehicle fatality accidents (to include transport trucks and commercial vehicles like busses) occur in rural areas.

Little Oversight Can Lead To Big Problems

Although there are federal and state laws that govern commercial vehicles like buses and the individuals who drive them, local, state, and federal authorities are not always consistent about enforcing these regulations and rules. It can be expensive for the bus company to “do the right thing” and enforce these rules. The expense of complying with these rules and regulations coupled with the inconsistency in enforcing them can lead some bus or transportation companies to cut corners in order to save money. A bus may not be properly serviced or maintained, a driver who is tired and overworked may be allowed to drive, or the company may be unaware that a driver is drinking on the job or immediately before driving. Anyone of these situations can increase the likelihood of a serious bus crash.

Contact A Las Vegas Bus Accident Attorney

Like other commercial carriers, transportation companies often seek to minimize the amount of money they pay to victims of bus accidents. They are quick to settle for the lowest dollar possible. At the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, we are experienced in holding bus and transportation companies responsible for the damages they cause when they act negligently. Do not try to take on a bus or transportation company alone. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Nevada bus accident, contact the Ladah Law Firm, PLLC today at (702) 252-0055 for a free consultation.

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