How Do I sort out Medical Costs & Juggle Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Med Pay & PIP After an Injury?

Insurance cover Chiroprator or Pgysical Therapist

The average cost of lifetime care following even a mild traumatic brain injury is around $85,000, and can be as high as $3 million. Moderate to severe brain injuries can be far more costly. One of the major difficulties that traumatic brain injury victims experience after their injury is how to handle costs prior to receiving a settlement. This posts outlines some of the ways to manage your expenses during this difficult and stressful time so you can keep up with the expenses in the ordinary course of life while also addressing the extraordinary and unexpected costs of dealing with your injury.

Keep Records

It is important that you keep records of all the costs associated with your injury. This will ensure that your attorney can effectively persuade the defendant’s insurance company (or a court) of the extent of your damages, so that you can be fully compensated when it comes to settling your case. This means keeping meticulous records. You should keep all medical bills from your provider, as well as all explanation of benefits (EOBs) documents from your insurer. You should also keep receipts for any prescription medications, copays from your chiropractor or physical therapist, medical supplies such as neck braces or crutches, and anything else you purchased in relation to your injury. You can even keep parking receipts for visits to the doctor’s office or hospital.

Also, because many people miss time at work due to their injuries, it is important that you obtain wage verification from your employer. If you have not kept your pay stubs, request any documentation your employer can provide. This will help your attorney prove your lost wages so you can be compensated for your injuries.

Stay in Touch with Insurers, Providers, and Creditors

When you are going through financial hardship, the worst thing you can do is ignore the mounting expenses. Creditors are generally willing to work with people who communicate with them about their difficulties in keeping current. They are especially willing to work with those who are enduring such hardship due to an unexpected occurrence such as an illness or injury.

If you Must Borrow, Borrow Wisely

Sometimes you have no option but to borrow to sustain yourself temporarily during times of hardship. If you do so, there are several things you must consider. You should discuss your options with your attorney. If you have a good case, your attorney will generally advance litigation expenses and you will only be required to pay them back if you receive a favorable outcome. This is called a contingency fee. Additionally, an attorney may be able to refer you to a lender (though many will not do so because they do not think it is in the client’s best interest). However, according to ethical rules governing lawyers (see especially Rule 1.8), attorneys generally may not loan money to clients to meet their expenses in the meantime.

Contact a Nevada Personal Injury Attorney for Help Managing Medical Costs After an Injury

A good attorney will be able to both finance your legal case, and provide you with wise and creative advice for meeting your needs in the meantime. An attorney’s job is to ensure that you get paid what you deserve for your injuries. When your attorney does his or her job well, they will compile a detailed record of your expenses and ensure that your fees for their services are not wasted. And any good personal injury attorney will make sure that you owe nothing unless you win your case. Contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC today, or call us 24 hours a day at (702) 252-0055. We provide free consultations, and we only charge legal fees if you recover. The nature of our agreement with our clients ensures that we work hard to make sure they get the largest recovery available. We can also advise you on how to cover your expenses in the meantime.

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