Several Hurt In Multi-Car Accident In Nevada

Motor vehicle accidents can cause individuals to suffer great harm. Recently, a car accident happened in Nevada in which multiple people were injured.

The crash occurred last Saturday in Sparks, Nevada. Reportedly, that afternoon, a GMC, a Lexus, a Hyundai and a Honda were on I-80’s off-ramp to Sparks Boulevard. Reportedly, the Lexus was then struck by the GMC. This initial collision reportedly caused a chain reaction which led to the Hyundai and the Honda getting hit.

The article on KRNV’s website which reported this story did not mention if it is yet known what specifically caused the GMC to strike the Lexus or who was at fault in the accident.

Reportedly, several individuals were hurt in this four-vehicle accident. The above-mentioned KRNV article did not mention which of the four vehicles the injured individuals came from. After the accident, the injured individuals were transported to an area hospital. The injuries the individuals sustained reportedly are non-life-threatening. The KRNV article did not have any further information on the extent of the individuals’ injuries.

As this crash shows, motor vehicle accidents can result in multiple individuals suffering injuries. Injuries suffered in an auto accident can have major impacts on an individual’s life and can lead to an individual facing major costs. If the accident an individual was injured in was caused by negligence by another motorist, one option an individual can pursue to try to get relief for such costs and impacts is to bring a claim against the negligent party.

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