Police Officer Hospitalized After Motorcycle Collides With Car

Police officers hold a very dangerous job, and all of them are probably well aware of that fact. One reason they are held in such high esteem is that they risk their health and their lives every day to protect others. Shootouts, high speed chases and frequent confrontations with criminals are all high on the danger list for police officers. While those seem like obvious hazards of the job,motorcycle accidents must also be ranked on the list, as one Las Vegas police officer recently discovered.

At the intersection of Durango Drive and Summerlin Parkway, a police officer was struck on May 8 while making a turn. The male officer was thrown from his motorcycle and crashed onto the pavement. The driver of the car that hit the officer lost control of the vehicle, which careened down the road and finally came to rest on the center median.

The officer suffered catastrophic injuries to his arms and shoulders. He was transported to University Medical Center where he was listed in serious condition. The driver did not suffer any serious injuries and it was reported that the driver did get out of the vehicle and attempt to assist the wounded officer. Early reports did not state what the cause of the accident was, nor did they mention if alcohol or drugs were contributing factors.

Though many facts are unclear in this particular incident, if a negligent driver strikes and injures another person, the liability would fall on the driver for the injuries caused. If this is the case, victims of these collisions may be able to get a favorable damages order from a judge. If negligent, a driver might be ordered to pay for medical bills and pain and suffering, as well as other possible penalties.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Metro Police motorcycle officer in hospital after crash,” William D’Urso, May 8, 2013

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