One Seriously Injured In Bus Crash In Las Vegas

Accidents involving larger vehicles, like buses, often result in serious injuries because the impact of a bus much greater than that of a car due to their sheer size. Nonetheless, being in a bus crash or a car crash is potentially equally devastating and may require extensive medical attention. In most cases, accidents are unavoidable, and, as such, the outcome is unpredictable. Unfortunately, some are now experiencing this first-hand.

There was a four-vehicle car and bus crash that occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada. A truck struck a car when it failed to stop at a red light. The car then hit another car, and that car hit a bus. The bus driver, along with the drivers of two of the cars, was not seriously injured in the accident. However, the driver of the other vehicle in the accident was taken to the hospital as a result of critical injuries. Police investigation in this matter is ongoing, but the authorities do suspect that alcohol may have played a role in the collision.

Accidents with more than one vehicle make it hard to determine who is primarily at fault. The authorities, through their investigation at the accident scene, should be able to pinpoint the root of the accident based upon witness statements, as well as statements from those in the accident. Once fault is determined, the parties not at fault can choose to pursue the accident in court, where appropriate. The nature and circumstances of the crash are what the courts look at when making any type of ruling in an automobile accident case.

Vehicle accidents can be complex. Knowing one’s rights and responsibilities in an accident may prove to be helpful.

Source: KLAS-TV Las Vegas, “Six Injured in Four-Vehicle Crash Sunday Night,” Jan. 12, 2014