One Accident Involving Two Cars Leads To Another Accident

Involvement in a car accident may lead to court involvement. Depending on the severity of the accident, the non-faulting party may look to the courts to file a claim in the matter to recoup damages. When this is done, the courts can either award punitive and/or compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are when the court compensates the victim for property damage, medical bills and anything else that was lost in relation to the car accident. Punitive damages are issued by the court as a punishment. For instance, if the court finds that the faulting party was grossly negligent, then punitive damages may come into play.

In Las Vegas, there were two accidents in close proximity to one another. Two cars were involved in the first accident and fortunately resulted in minor injuries. The second accident took place when a driver crossed a median and hit a cop car. The police were actually already on the scene responding to the two-car collision when the second accident ensued. Luckily, no one was hurt in the second accident.

Finding fault in an accident may be difficult at times because of the vagueness of the details in the investigation. This means that the authorities may find it hard to discover the underlying traffic violation that led to the car crash in the first place. This happens particularly in cases where both parties may be at fault for the accident or where no citation is issued at all holding neither party at fault. However, even if the authorities decline to press charges, it still may be possible to hold the driver accountable through a personal injury lawsuit.

Though it is not possible to quantify the injuries sustained in a car accident, compensation received through a personal injury lawsuit may cover medical bills that result after a collision.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Two accidents near Craig Road limit traffic,” Kimber Laux, April 19, 2014

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