New Traffic Light Proves Necessary After Fatal Car Collision

motorcycle accident

On behalf of Ladah Law Firm, PLLC posted in Car Accidents on Friday, August 15, 2014.

Because car crashes are so unpredictable and happen in the blink of an eye, it is almost impossible to be prepared for a car accident. What’s more, when an accident is occurring, there is no way to measure the severity of the accident until afterwards. Collisions that are serious in nature that result in bodily injury or death may require court intervention especially if the victim in the accident or the family of the victim wants to pursue a legal claim. Although most car accidents are investigated by police, not all accidents are automatically heard in a court of law.

In Las Vegas, Nevada in the southwest Valley, police authorities as well as the Nevada Department of Transportation have taken aggressive steps to make a dangerous intersection safer by adding a traffic light. The reason behind this move was due to the number of deadly car accidents that occurred at this particular intersection. Community leaders as well as other interested parties applauded the new traffic light as a necessary and appropriate step to advancing the safety of travelers and pedestrians alike at that particular intersection. The impetus for the new light came after a crash at the intersection in 2013 where a young girl was killed.

In many cases when a death results from a car collision, then the family of the -victim that died can and has the ability to bring a wrongful death claim in court if appropriate. This type of claim is civil in nature and places liability for the death on the person or persons at fault. Because it is a civil claim, the types of damages that are sought are punitive and compensatory. There is no criminal liability attached to a wrongful death claim.

If a car accident does tragically end in death, an experienced attorney may be able to help the affected party pose a legal stance that ends in some sort of compensation. While nothing can replace the life of a loved one, fighting for such a compensation can help return the affected party’s lives to some sense of normalcy.

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