New Displays Signal Fatal Results Of Nevada Car Accidents

Around town, many Las Vegas residents may recently have noticed some new information being posted on the roughly 90 digital freeway message boards located around the valley. In addition to the usual messages regarding driving times, accidents and amber alerts, commuters will now see up-to-date statistics on traffic fatalities in Nevada in 2013 – a sobering reminder of the dangers of car accidents and the sometimes unfortunate results. This year alone, there have been over 100 traffic-related deaths on Nevada roads.

The information is now being displayed at the initiative of the Nevada Department of Transportation. The goal of the campaign is to remind drivers to exercise due care while on the road. Perhaps surprisingly, one report highlighted the mixed reaction of area residents in regards to the displays. For example, one interviewee supported the initiative, noting that it would educate Las Vegas drivers. On the other hand, another respondent expressed a concern that displaying the information was hypocritical since it required the driver to take attention away from the road to digest the message.

Of course, the number of traffic fatalities displayed at a given time only tells part of the story when it comes to auto accidents. The numbers themselves do not include accidents that involve serious injury, nor do they identify the cause. In many cases, it may be true that car accidents resulting in serious injuries or death were caused by a negligent driver. In such cases, those injured or the families of those who die may be left with questions about how to deal with the unfortunate consequences of the accident, including medical bills and lost wages.

Fortunately, in such cases it may be possible to recover compensation from a negligent driver through a personal injury lawsuit. While it remains to be seen whether Nevada’s campaign to stop car accidents before they occur, those who have experienced the tragedy of such an event can find solace in knowing that they may have legal recourse to help ease the burden of a car accident.

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