What You Need To Know About Sideswipe Accidents In Las Vegas

According to the latest information available from the Nevada Department of Transportation,sideswipe accidents account for approximately 8% of all the crashes in this state. Sideswiping that involves overtaking accounts for around five percent of all accidents, while sideswiping that involves two cars meeting is responsible for 3% of all accidents. Meeting occurs whenever two cars are traveling virtually side by side, while overtaking involves one car being slightly in front of the other one.

In all, seven fatalities were due to sideswiping during a twelve-month period; however, there were over 800 injuries that resulted from it during that same timeframe. Sideswipe accidents can occur whenever a driver fails to check his or her mirrors, drives while distracted, or does not leave enough room between vehicles when changing lanes. Speed is often a factor as well.

Sideswipe accidents can result in a number of injuries, including concussions, broken bones and lacerations. Individuals can experience hard jolts or rapid jerking motions that could lead to herniated discs or even whiplash. In some cases, the vehicle that is sideswiped could even lose control, causing it to hit foreign objects with great impact or even roll over. In these instances, severe injuries that include paralysis or even death may occur.

Although sideswipe accidents can be serious, their severity is often downplayed by insurance companies. These companies may claim that since both vehicles were traveling at about the same rate of speed, there shouldn’t be significant damages to either party. In addition, some injuries such as herniated discs may not show up on an x-ray, and insurance adjusters may offer a low settlement initially or even refuse a claim altogether based on this information. In these instances, you may have no other alternative than to speak with a Las Vegas car accident lawyerconcerning your claim.

If you’ve been injured in a sideswipe accident, don’t let insurance adjusters tell you your pain is all in your head. Many times, an MRI is needed in order to determine the extent of damages, so don’t be afraid to undergo additional testing if need be. You should also avoid making any statements to insurance companies until you have consulted with a Las Vegas car accident lawyer. Claims adjusters often try to get to sideswipe victims early, as they know their chances of settling for pennies on the dollar are much greater if they do so.

Here at the Ladah Law Firm, we deal with insurance representatives every day, and are well aware of some of the tactics they might use to settle your claim inexpensively. Before agreeing to a settlement, contact Las Vegas car accident lawyer Ramzy Ladah for a free case evaluation by calling 702-252-0055, 24 hours a day. There’s no obligation, and you won’t pay us a dime unless there is a judgment in your favor.