Motorcyclist Suffers Serious Injuries After Crash In Las Vegas

A motorcycle’s biggest strength is perhaps also its biggest weakness. Unrestrained by the bulky safety features of other motor vehicles, motorcycles allow for a wide range of motion — a freedom that attracts many to riding. Unfortunately, the smaller, less restrictive frames that allow for this freedom of motion also render the riders far more vulnerable to injury in an accident. Because of this vulnerability, riders take safety precautions such as wearing helmets or installing reflectors; however, these safety precautions cannot prevent another driver from acting negligently.

A motorcycle collided with a pickup truck in a recent Las Vegas crash that resulted in serious injuries for the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist was headed south when the pickup truck pulled out onto the street that the motorcyclist was riding on. The two vehicles collided and the motorcyclist was ejected from his bike. The motorcyclist had to be transported to a nearby hospital where he is said to have suffered critical injuries as a result of the crash. The driver and passenger in the pickup truck sustained only minor injuries.

A crash between a motorcycle and another motor vehicle like this is likely to have devastating results – especially for the motorcyclist. Oftentimes, the other driver involved only suffers minor injuries or walks away unscathed. Drivers of other motor vehicles have a distinct advantage in these accidents — their vehicles greatly outweigh motorcycles and feature a plethora of safety features — and they are expected to pay close attention to the motorcycles with which they share the road.

When drivers fail to pay attention to motorcycles, accidents may occur and the drivers may be held liable for the damages. Victims in motorcycle accidents who wish to pursue compensation from a driver-at-fault often choose to bring a negligence claim to court. Proving negligence may involve providing evidence that the other driver failed to exercise the necessary amount of caution to prevent the accident. By bringing a negligence claim to court, a motorcycle accident victim has a chance to pursue compensation for medical expenses and other costs they have been burdened with as a result of the accident.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Motorcyclist critically injured in crash with pickup,” Brian Nordli and Jackie Valley, Jan. 13, 2014