Motorcycle Accident In Nevada Leaves One Dead

Driving requires extreme attention to detail. Drivers are not only responsible for what they are doing on the roads, but drivers are also responsible for and have to pay attention to what every other driver is doing on the roadways. This is what makes driving so dangerous and so challenging. Driving any type of vehicle on the roadways can be dangerous. This is especially true for those who operate motorcycles. Motorcycle accidents tend to lead to catastrophic injuries, unfortunately.

In Reno, Nevada an off duty police officer was killed in a motorcycle accident. The Washoe police officer was driving his motorcycle when another vehicle, a van that was attempting to make a left-hand turned ran into him head-on. The police officer was thrown from his motorcycle. He was taken to the hospital and later died from his injuries. The man operating the van was not injured in the accident.

Like other motor vehicle accidents, victims or victim’s families in motorcycle accidents can file a claim in court to sue the responsible party in the accident for damages. In the abovementioned circumstance, the family members would be entitled to pursue a wrongful death suit as well as a suit for compensatory and punitive damages. A wrongful death suit is a civil suit and not a criminal suit. This type of suit is brought when a death occurs as a result of an accident or under other situations where no criminal liability is present.

There are dangers on the roadways that are particular to those who operate motorcycles and knowing one’s legal rights in this type of accident can be helpful.

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