Motorcycle Accident Injures Police Officer In Northern Las Vegas

Motorcycle accident victims may have legal options available to them when injured in a motorcycle accident.

A motorcycle accident in northern Las Vegas recently left a police officer injured. The police officer suffered non-life threatening injuries when the motorcycle he was on was struck by a passenger vehicle. The accident happened at an intersection while the police officer was on his normal patrol. A car stopped at a red light, rolled into the intersection and hit the officer as the police officer was passing through the intersection with the right of way. Police did not comment if any charges would be filed against the driver.

Motorcycle accidents can be especially dangerous to motorcycle riders. Even when the injuries do not result in death, motorcycle accident injuries can be serious and debilitating. Motorcycle accident injuries can include head, brain, neck and spinal cord injuries, as well as broken bones and, in some circumstances, permanent disability. This may leave victims of a motorcycle collision facing physical and financial challenges following a motorcycle accident.

Fortunately, the legal system seeks to protect those injured by the negligence, or careless actions, of others. Through a personal injury claim, an injured motorcycle accident victim may be able to recover damages from the negligent party. In two-thirds of motorcycle accidents that involve another vehicle, the driver of the vehicle violated the motorcycle’s right of way and was responsible for causing the accident. A failure to yield to oncoming traffic is likely evidence of a negligent driver’s liability.

A motorcycle accident victim may be able to recover compensation for damages suffered as s result of the accident. A trained personal injury attorney can help a victim better understand and evaluate damages and guide the victim through the process of making a claim.

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