Moped Rider Seriously Hurt In Las Vegas Truck Accident

Some of the most vulnerable people traveling on Las Vegas streets are riding on scooters and mopeds. And perhaps the most potentially dangerous vehicles on Las Vegas streets are trucks. The consequences of these two types of vehicles colliding in a truck accident due to a negligent driver could be deadly.

Amazingly, a moped rider was injured but not killed when truck collided with his moped in a mid-day accident near a driveway in downtown Las Vegas recently. Police said the man was sent to University Medical Center with serious injuries.

Truck Accidents Are More Dangerous Than Other Types of Accidents on the Road

This is simply because trucks are so much bigger than other vehicles. A loaded 18-wheeler can weigh more than 80,000 pounds, as compared to a typical passenger car’s 3,000 pounds. Statistics show that professional truck drivers are more careful than other drivers on the road, but when they do get in an accident, the size differential makes these accidents more dangerous than other types of traffic accidents.

Accidents involving commercial trucks may also be more complicated, legally speaking. In a collision between two privately owned passenger cars, a court can decide which driver was negligent in the accident – or if both of them were – and determine which one is legally responsible for all or part of the damages. But liability may be complicated in cases involving commercial trucks and may involve state and federal trucking regulations. The truck driver may be responsible, but so may be the trucking company or a company that negligently maintained the vehicle. However, injured victims should not be discouraged-they may be file a personal injury lawsuit against both the truck driver and the company that put him on the street in the first place.

A personal injury lawsuit may enable Las Vegas residents who are hurt in truck accidents to recover compensation to cover their medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation costs. Holding the company accountable may also prevent similar future accidents from occurring.

Source: KVVU-TV, “1 hurt after truck hits moped near downtown Vegas,” Matt Guillermo, April 26, 2013

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