Las Vegas Truck Accident Proves Serious

Las Vegas Truck Accident Injures Three Children

There are various types of truck accidents that can occur on the roadways. Semi-truck accidents as well as 18-wheeler accidents can be prevalent on the roadways because of the sheer number of those types of truck that travel to and fro from their destinations. In order to drive the above mentioned trucks, a special type of license is required because of the intricacies involved in maneuvering such a massive vehicle. Outside of semis and 18-wheelers, there is other large, truck-type like vehicles that people with regular driver’s licenses drive. Hummers, Escalades and Ford F-150s (pick-ups) are considered “trucks” as well. These trucks can cause serious damage and serious injury when involved in a truck accident.

The children sufferedserious injuries as a result of the accident and were taken to the hospital for care. The children were standing at a bus stop when a Dodge truck hit a Ford truck causing the Ford truck to smash into the bus stop. According to police investigation, the drivers of each vehicle believed that they had the green light. Neither driver was injured in the wreck.

Truck accident can have devastating consequences. Serious injury and/or death are not uncommon in truck accidents. Most times, the authorities investigating the crash will find a person at fault for the accident. As such, that person is held liable for what occurred in the accident. The victims or the victims’ families can seek damages in a court of law. These damages can consist be compensatory in nature or punitive depending on the facts and circumstance surrounding the accident.

Accident can be tragic but protecting one’s interests and rights in an accident can assist with some peace of mind.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “3 children critically injured when truck crashes, careens into bus stop,” Tovin Lapan, Sept. 20, 2013

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