Las Vegas Teen Killed In Truck-Pedestrian Accident

A truck and a person are no match for each other. Pedestrian accidents between regular cars and people are dangerous enough. When the size and weight of a truck is added into the mix, pedestrians and other drivers are even more likely to suffer serious injuries in a truck accident.

The 17-year-old Las Vegas teen was killed when the truck crossed Spring Mountain Road and made a right-hand turn. Authorities say the accident occurred around 5 p.m. and that the teen was using the crosswalk to cross Spring Mountain Road at the time of the crash. The rear truck tires ran him over.

The young boy was transported to a local hospital and listed in critical condition but he later died. The driver of the semi stayed at the scene of the accident and did not seek medical help because he suffered no injuries in the crash.

The teen’s death is the 34th death related to traffic just this year in the Las Vegas area.

The families of the victims of these traffic deaths do have an avenue to recover compensation for their loss, especially if negligence led to the traffic accident and death. In this case, there is no word yet on whether the truck driver negligently caused the boy’s death but an investigation into the incident should reveal factors that may have contributed to the accident, like an inattentive truck driver or excessive speed.

Although it’s difficult to find anything positive in situations like these, accident victims may have an easier time recovering compensation from negligent truck drivers as opposed to car drivers. Truck drivers and trucking companies often have extensive insurance coverage that gives families a true chance to recover funds for medical bills and the emotional stress that comes with losing a family member.

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