Las Vegas Car Accident Sends Three To Hospital

Traveling by car is common place in many cities, especially those that are spread out, such as Las Vegas. People generally do not plan to get into a car accident, despite the high rate of accidents in the United States, and specifically in Nevada. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, in 2010, there were over 50,000 motor vehicle crashes, with over 18,000 of those resulting in injury to a person.

Recently, a multiple-vehicle crash left three people with injuries, and led to the arrest of one. Police are still conducting the accident investigation, which resulted in at least one car rolling over. The occupant became trapped and had to be rescued from the vehicle.

When a car accident occurs, liability is determined by looking at whether the driver or drivers acted negligently, by failing to meet the standard of reasonable care under the circumstances. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, the top factors for Nevada car accidentsinclude failing to yield the right of way, following another vehicle too closely, failing to keep to the proper lane, speeding and other improper driving. All of these factors can constitute negligence depending on the circumstances, and where negligence is found, that driver may be held liable for damages caused by the accident.

Additionally, the top to driver-related causes of accidents in Nevada are drinking and driving and driving while inattentive or distracted. Both of these factors are considered by courts when determining negligence. In order to avoid car accidents, drivers should be sure to pay attention to their surroundings and the road conditions, and follow posted speed limits and other traffic signals.

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