Las Vegas Bus Hits, Kills Elderly Man In Wheelchair

The school bus driver is an iconic figure in the traditional American life, and it still plays a vital role in the education and safety of today’s youth. For most people, the sight of a big yellow rig rolling down the street is one of comfort and perhaps nostalgia. But unfortunately, even those trusted vehicles are sometimes involved in bus accidents.

On Thursday, April 4, an 81-year-old man was struck by a bus as the man attempted to cross the road. Even more heart wrenching, the elderly man was in a motorized wheelchair at the time. He was apparently crossing in a legally marked crosswalk. The man was pronounced dead after being rushed to a hospital with serious injuries. Fortunately, the bus was empty at the time and there were no injured children.

Residents in the area surrounded the intersection of Reno and Maryland Parkway where the school bus accident occurred. Witnesses stated that the intersection is dangerous and steps must be taken to improve the situation. Pedestrian deaths are on a record increasing pace throughout the Metro area with 36 people killed already this year.

All drivers should take care while navigating Las Vegas roads. Under the law, bus drivers are held to an even higher standard. This makes sense considering the fact that a negligent bus driver could cause harm to a greater number of passengers than a standard vehicle driver. If negligence is the cause meaning that the bus driver did not uphold his or her duty, injured parties have the right to file a personal injury claim and seek monetary compensation for their injuries.

Police are still investigating the incident at Reno and Parkway and no charges have yet been filed. In such a situation, one can only hope that the necessary steps will be taken to improve the safety of the intersection and prevent future tragedies.

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