Hit-And-Run Accident Occurs In Las Vegas, Pedestrian Seriously Hurt

Car Hits Pedestrian and then Flees Scene In Las Vegas

Pedestrians can be in a very vulnerable position when crossing roads. One thing that has been put in place to help make road crossings safer for pedestrians are crosswalks.

It is very important for motor vehicle drivers to watch for pedestrians when driving in areas where crosswalks are present and to obey all traffic laws regarding crosswalks.

Failure to do these things can result in car vs. pedestrian accidents occurring. Such accidents can cause pedestrians to suffer injuries. Injuries suffered in a car vs. pedestrian accident can have major impacts on a pedestrian’s life. Thus, car vs. pedestrian accidents can be an extremely harmful type of motor vehicle accident.

Recently, an injury-causing car vs. pedestrian accident occurred in Nevada.

The accident happened last Thursday. That morning, a female pedestrian was crossing a road in downtown Las Vegas. Reportedly, the pedestrian was making this road crossing in a marked crosswalk. A motor vehicle then hit the pedestrian. The motor vehicle drove away after striking the pedestrian.

The pedestrian suffered serious injuries in this hit-and-run accident. According to the article on KTNV’s website which reported this story, she was taken to a hospital in the area following the accident. Reportedly, as of last Thursday, she was in serious but stable condition.

As this incident illustrates, car vs. pedestrian accidents can result in pedestrians getting seriously hurt. Thus, one hopes that all motor vehicle drivers in Nevada will take all proper steps to prevent car vs. pedestrian accidents when out on the roads.

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