Head-On Crash Leaves Three Injured

While major highways can invoke the image of deadly crashes, due to high-speed limits and up to four of five lanes of traffic in each direction, smaller roads can be just as dangerous. Where there are multiple lanes of traffic traveling in both directions and not separated by a median or other barrier, there is the added possibility of a head-on collision.

U.S. 50 in Nevada, near Carson City, was recently the site of just such an accident. A Mitsubishi sedan collided, head-on, with another vehicle, when the Mitsubishi crossed the center turn lane. Three people were injured and airlifted to a local hospital: the driver and passenger in the second vehicle had serious injuries, and the driver of the first vehicle experienced critical injuries. The Nevada Highway Patrol conducted a preliminary accident investigation, but no identities of the victims have been released.

When a car accident occurs, the determination of liability for any injuries or property damage turns on the theory of negligence. Laws require that drivers exercise reasonable care when driving.Being aware of the surroundings, using appropriate turn signals and heeding traffic lights and other traffic signals are all a part of meeting that level of care.

Car accidents are one of the biggest causes of personal injury each year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car accidents accounted for over 2 million injuries in 2011. While this is a 1 percent decline from previous years, that number is staggering. One way to avoid accidents and reduce the number of injuries further is for drivers to follow the applicable traffic rules, and maintain awareness of traffic at all times.

Source: www.lasvegassun.com, “3 hurt in head-on crash in Carson City,” July 4, 2013

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