Fatal Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Is One Of Many

It is widely recognized and accepted that operating a motorcycle is a dangerous activity. Because of the size and speed of these types of vehicles, they are often overlooked and overshadowed on roadways. There are natural blind spots that you learn about when taking a driver’s education course. Unfortunately, when it comes to motorcycles, the blind spots are even more prevalent because the average size of a motorcycle does not lend itself to being highly visible.

Recently, near downtown Las Vegas, there was a fatal motorcycle accident. The accident occurred when a pick-up truck, a Chevy, was making a left hand turn, and the motorcycle struck the side of the truck. The driver of the truck was not injured. However, the accident resulted in catastrophic injuries for the motorcyclist who suffered severe blunt force trauma and, as a result of his injuries, was declared dead on scene. The subsequent police investigation into the crash has ruled that the impact was an accident.

With most motorcycle accidents, since there is so little protection for the operator of the bike, serious, fatal injuries are more common. That is not to say that all motorcycle accidents end in death, but, there is a higher likelihood that it might. Most states have laws that require motorcyclist to wear protective gear, like helmets, when riding their bikes. This is a finable offense in some places, if not followed.

Like car accidents, the courts seek to make the victims of motorcycle accidents whole. Depending on the nature and the circumstances of the accident, the courts will make a determination of fault and assess damages as is allowed under the applicable statutes.

Source: FOX 5 KVVU-TV, “Coroner releases cause of death for downtown motorcycle accident,” Crystal Tobin, Oct. 17, 2013

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