Driver Who Caused Deadly Accident In Las Vegas Flees The Scene

Driver Kills Moped Driver and Flees

Recently in Nevada there was a fatal crash involving a pick-up truck and a moped on Windmill Lane and Las Vegas Boulevard. The moped was waiting at a light at the corner of the aforementioned streets when a Ford pick-up truck plowed into it from behind. The driver and the passenger on the moped were thrown from the vehicle. The driver of the truck did not stop after making contact with the moped and proceeded to hit another car. Both the driver and the passenger of the moped were later pronounced dead after suffering severe injuries. The police tried to locate the driver of the pick-up truck, but their efforts did not pan out.

When there is negligence on the part of a vehicle operator that caused the accident, the ensuing police investigation tries to be pretty clear about where the fault lies. After the police have completed their investigation and issued citations, that information can be used in civil court for a possible lawsuit against the party at fault. Many times a lawsuit of this nature is based on recovering compensatory or punitive damages as a result of the accident.

No matter the vehicles involved or the size of the vehicles, truck accidents tend to cause a greater amount of destruction, leaving those involved in the accident to deal with the aftermath. Any Las Vegas resident who finds themselves in this type of situation may want to think about getting more information about their potential legal options, including the possibility of a civil lawsuit.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Two people on moped killed in crash with truck,” Brian Nordli, March 18, 2014

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