Dangerous Conditions In Las Vegas Lead To Motorcyclists’ Plea

For several years now, Las Vegas has billed itself as a place where a vacationer can do whatever his heart desires and that secret will “stay in Vegas.” Some motorcyclists, however, are breaking the silence when it comes to distracted drivers and motorcycle accidents. This is one secret of Vegas that they want the whole world to know about.

One action the community of motorcycle riders is taking is making sure they gather all accurate information about motorcycle accidents as quickly as possible. The riders claim that a distracted driver is often the cause of a car and motorcycle crash, either because the automobile driver didn’t see the rider or wasn’t paying attention. Recently, Las Vegas has seen a dramatic rise in collisions between cars and motorcycles.

These types of accidents are particularly difficult for motorcyclists to handle because often the car or truck drivers walk away without a scratch while the motorcycle riders suffer severe injuries or even death. The situation has grown so dire that the governor of Nevada recently declared May to be Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

While injuries may result, motorcyclists can still recover funds to pay for medical bills and other costs through legal action. Statistics show that two-thirds of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle are caused by the vehicle driver violating the motorcyclists’ rights.

The community of motorcycle riders in Las Vegas continues its campaign. They are making sure that when it comes to road safety, the tale of dangerous roads does not “stay in Vegas.”

Source: 8 News Now, “Motorcyclists Fear for Safety on Las Vegas Roads,” May 14, 2013

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