What You Need to Know About Criminally Staged Truck Accidents in Las Vegas

Driving a truck is not the easiest or safest job around. There are even reality television shows that follow the dangerous lives that some truckers live. Unfortunately for the drivers heading through the Las Vegas area, another unusual and unfortunate development is making the driving life even more treacherous.

In a recent statement, the National Insurance Crime Bureau cautioned drivers heading through the Vegas area to be on the look-out for criminals staging truck accidents with semi-trucks. Officials became suspicious when the same people kept showing up at different accident sites with different vehicles.

Police are concerned that these fake accidents could lead to serious injuries or even death. There is also a significant worry that some of the passengers in the vehicle are unwittingly participating in these schemes. The main reason criminals in this area are targeting trucks is because of the great amount of insurance used to cover them.

One reason for the hefty security policies is the fact that commercial trucks can cause a great amount of damage. While drivers in the Nevada fake crash situation were obviously not the cause of the accidents; in a true crash, negligence on the part of the truck driver may be considered by the court. If a truck driver disobey traffic signals or is speeding when an accident occurs, the victims might be able to recover monetary damages in such a situation.

Sadly, the large amounts paid out to semi-truck victims has lured some criminals into the staged crash game. Nevada residents who have fallen victim to truck accidents should make sure their rights are protected.

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