Child Suffers Serious Injury When Hit By Ford Truck

Las Vegas is a lively place and there’s action and excitement constantly. Because of its bustling nature, there is also the possibility that accidents with occur frequently. Many of these are car accidents. In some instances, these accidents involve a motor vehicle and a pedestrian. Since a pedestrian is so vulnerable, there is a chance that an accident will result in serious injury.

A Ford truck sent an eight-year-old girl to the hospital with critical injuries when it hit her as she crossed the street with her uncle. The girl and her 43-year-old uncle were crossing in the crosswalk when the accident happened. Emergency services were called and the girl was rushed to the hospital. According to the accident investigation, the driver of the Ford is not believed to have been drunk and no arrest has been made.

Any kind of motor vehicle accident can have major consequences for the victim. This is made worse when the victim is a child. Injuries suffered in an accident can leave the injured person unable to live a normal life. They might require an extensive stay in the hospital. With this come massive medical expenses. It’s possible that the victim might need rehabilitation and long-term care, placing significant hardships on the family both financially and personally. It is imperative that any accident be investigated fully to determine exactly what happened. Insurance companies are mainly focused on keeping costs down and might make a settlement offer soon after an accident. Families, unaware of the costs they face, might accept the offer before realizing how much money will be needed to pay medical bills and for aftercare.

In this incident, a young girl was crossing the street in the crosswalk with her uncle. A Ford truck crashed into her and sent her to the hospital in critical condition. With the girl’s future uncertain and the potential for massive medical expenses, it is important that her family know how to go about seeking compensation. To learn how to proceed, it is wise for them to discuss the case with a legal professional experienced in car crashes and the ramifications of injuries suffered in them.

Source: 8newsnow.com, “Vehicle strikes, injures girl in crosswalk,” July 12, 2014