Chemical Spill From Truck Accident Leaves One Injured

Minor Accident Leaves One Injured and Created a Chemical Spill

There a number of different types of vehicles that share the roadways, including but not limited to cars, motorcycles and trucks. Trucks can be broken down into categories. There are pickup trucks and SUV’s, and work trucks and 18-wheelers, which are probably the largest vehicles on the roads. Being involved in an accident with any type of truck can lead to significant injuries as well as pretty significant property damage. Truck accidents tend to be serious in nature.

A collision involving a work truck and a car occurred in Las Vegas recently and a hazmat team had to assist the authorities in controlling the scene of the accident. According to the reports, a pool work truck carrying chlorine was involved in an accident with a taxi. As a result of the accident, the taxi driver suffered only minor injuries and the driver of the truck was not injured. However, the collision resulted in a chlorine spill that had to be cleaned up by the hazmat crew, which is standard procedure in these types of situations.

In truck accidents, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, the authorities will find which party was at fault and issue a citation. When this is done, the victim in the accident can seek recourse in the courts for any lost wages and medical expenses, among other claims. Claims filed in a court case regarding an accident may require the police report that was filed as evidence.

Truck accidents, as well as almost all other types of accidents, can be very scary when they occur. Proper handling of the aftermath of the accident can go a long way in alleviating some fears and possibly recovering some compensation.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Pool supplies truck spills chlorine in accident in western valley,” Tovin Lapan, Feb. 7, 2014

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