Car Accident Injures 8 Pedestrians In North Las Vegas

Most people who live in Las Vegas feel a certain level of comfort when out in their own neighborhoods. People are familiar with the streetlights, flow of traffic and generally the character of their neighbors in such a way that they do not anticipate problems in the same way they do when in unfamiliar places. Dangerous situations like car accidents can occur anywhere, however, even in the places that a person feels most safe.

Eight people who had just left religious services at Iglesia de Cristo Church on Losee Road and who were walking in the street were hit by a negligent driver who fled the scene of the car accident. The eight victims ranged in age from their teens to nearly 60 years of age and one of the victims was pregnant. Though not specifically identified, one of the victims suffered from brain bleeding though none of the victims’ injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

Police officers located the hit and run driver shortly after the accident and law enforcement officials suspect that drugs may have been involved in the incident. The driver is facing multiple felony and misdemeanor counts for her role in the event.

While it is fortunate that all of the victims are expected to recover from their injuries, all will have to cope with the challenges of having survived a potentially fatal car accident near a place of safety and peace. As investigators further sort out the details of this matter and establish exactly how the driver was in a position to strike eight people with her car, the victims will have to find ways to cover the costs of their medical expenses and any wages they may have lost from being unable to work during their treatment.

Source: 8 News Now, “Hit-and-Run Crash Injures 8 Pedestrians,” Lauren Rozyla, August 8, 2013

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