Would-Be Bus Passengers Are Injured In Accident

Waiting for the Bus, a Would be Passenger is struck by car

One of the most helpless feelings is being involved in an accident when you are a passenger in the vehicle involved in the accident. The trauma of being in a car or bus accident as a passenger is very different from being the driver, in that the accident will have a very different impact. Passengers in vehicles are very susceptible to what the driver does. Whether or not one is a passenger in the car that causes the accident or the car/bus that is a party to the accident, the non-driver(s) are left in a very vulnerable position.

In northwest Las Vegas, there was an accident that occurred in which a car crashed into a bus stop. The people at the bus stop were waiting for the bus so they were not actually bus passengers just yet. Only one would-be passenger was injured and required medical attention. The vehicle that struck the bus was apparently not traveling recklessly or speeding at the time of the accident. The police investigation did not reveal any other pertinent details of the accident although the investigation is ongoing.

Passenger rights in a roadway accident sometimes get lost in the mix of determining which driver caused the accident and follow-up investigation on that point. Those who are directly involved in the accident by virtue of being in the vehicle at the time of the accident also have legal rights and remedies available to them. As victims of an accident, the passengers can sue in court for damages, either compensatory or punitive, depending on the circumstances of the accident. Now, the court will have to make the determination of who the passenger is allowed to sue.

Automobile accidents happen and can have just as much of a devastating impact on the passengers as the drivers.

Source: Fox 5 KVVU-TV, “Vehicle crashes into bus stop in northwest Vegas,” Matt Guillermo, Oct. 18, 2013

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