Bus Accident Leaves One Dead And Others Seriously Injured

Have You Been Involved in a Bus Accident?

Driving a commercial vehicle or a bus is more regulated than driving a car. In order to get a standard driver’s license, all states require that you take some type of driving class and pass a test. Only once you have done both of these things can you get your driver’s license. The same goes for individuals who are looking to drive a larger vehicle like a bus or a semi-truck of some sort. However, the difference is that to be certified for operating these vehicles, there are more stringent testing protocols that are utilized. A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is required to drive buses, trucks and the like.

Accidents that occur in larger vehicles have the potential to cause more damage and harm because of the sheer size of the vehicles involved. The father of a football player for the Minnesota Vikings was killed in a bus accident that occurred on the border between Utah and Nevada. The bus accident happened during the day. The driver of the bus, the father, hit a utility truck and was impaled with something from the truck and died on scene. Some of the other bus passengers were injured and needed medical attention. The authorities plan on investigating this accident further.

Accidents of this nature are devastating for both the victims in the accident and the families of the victims. Depending on the circumstances that surround the accident, legal action may be appropriate. The official police investigation of the accident will most likely find fault with respect to the accident if that is apropos. Once this is done, the victim of the victim’s family can pursue a claim in court for damages based on nature of the accident and the outcome.

Being involved in a bus accident or a traffic accident of any kind is unnerving. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can prove to be challenging but it is important to know one’s rights and responsibilities in the accident.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Father of NFL player killed in Utah bus crash,” Michelle L. Price, Oct. 29, 2013

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