Apps May Be Useful In Minor Car Wrecks In Las Vegas

Car accidents can vary in degree. They either can be mild or very serious in nature, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident. Car accidents that are not serious or deadly are commonly referred to as fender-benders. A fender-bender is an accident that usually occurs on a major roadway in which one vehicle runs into the back of another, causing minor damage. In most cases, fender-benders do not result in serious bodily injuries. Of course, this is subject to the amount of impact involved in the accident; however, if a car accident is deemed minor, then there is likely to be only cosmetic damage to the vehicles involved.

Since this is the age of apps and smartphones and the like, it was only a matter of time before they would soon govern how minor car accidents are handled, as well. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the police have announced that they will no longer respond to minor car crashes. Apparently, because there are not enough police officials to deal with low-level car accidents, the individuals involved in this type of accident will be left to their own devices, literally. As long as both parties to the accident have their insurance information, the app has the ability to guide the accident participants through a checklist of what to do after an accident. The authorities will still be available to investigate car accidents that involve injuries or where there is a problem with acquiring proper insurance information.

Although the way that the police take care of fender-benders will change, this does not change one’s ability to file an insurance claim regarding the accident. The process only changes the way that things will be done, not one’s rights with respect to a car accident. If fault is found in an accident, the no-fault party can still pursue a court claim for damages, based on the circumstances of the crash. The courts still will view meritorious claims in a positive light.

As this example illustrates, technology is ingratiating itself into all walks of life, including, car accidents.

Source: Claims Journal, “Vegas Fender Bender Victims Can Report Crashes on Mobile App,” Feb. 28, 2014

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