Alcohol May Have Been Involved In Five Car Las Vegas Accident

Danger should be nonexistent when it comes to any kind of driving whether to the grocery store, to see family, to work, or for a fun night out on the town. Yet, drunk drivers can end a fun ride or a routine drive in the blink of an eye and send many to the hospital with serious injuries. Several people in Las Vegas are dealing with this situation now.

According to police, a Car accident sent multiple people to the hospital after a truck struck four other vehicles. Reports state the truck first sideswiped a vehicle, and then rear-ended another before crossing a raised median and hitting a limo head-on. The truck flipped onto its driver’s side and slid until it hit another oncoming car. Police continue to investigate the accident, but suggest alcohol may have played a role in the crash.

A negligent driver like this can cause serious injury to another motorist. Recovering from these injuries can take a long time and may be physically and emotionally trying. Also, paying for the medical expenses necessary to reach a full recovery may be impossible, especially since the victim may be unable to work. With physical, emotional, and financial turmoil taking its toll on an accident victim, a recovery may feel hopeless. Fortunately, a Las Vegas accident attorney, with years of experience, may be able to help.

By filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver, a victim can seek to recover compensation for his damages. These damages can be medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. To obtain these awards, the victim must prove the driver responsible for the accident was negligent, which may be proven by showing intoxication, and the victim’s injuries resulted from that negligence.

Taking a car accident crash to court can be quite complex. Witnesses must be contacted, evidence obtained, and investigations analyzed. Therefore, an accident victim is best off seeking legal counsel who can help assess the situation and the likelihood of success. Then, if the case goes forward, the attorney and the victim can work together in attempt to make the negligent driver pay for what he has done.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Multiple people injured in crash involving limousine, 4 other vehicles,” Riley Snyder, Aug. 4, 2013

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