7 Motorcycles And 3 Cars Involved In Wreck

Crash Leaves Drivers in Shock

Nevada residents who have experienced large-scale car wrecks know how quickly everything seems to happen. In what seems like a second, a car may go skidding off the road right before more and more vehicles are dragged into the fray. Suddenly people are being rushed off to the hospital for medical care, roads are closed off and everyone involved is in a state of shock.

A recent wreck occurred on a Nevada highway. Authorities believe one driver swerved out of control and pulled seven motorcycles and three cars into the wreckage. Emergency medical personnel hurriedly drove five people who were part of the accident to a nearby hospital. Though all five were hurt, none of their injuries were life-threatening.

Car accidents of such large scale drag many people into wreckage, both literally and figuratively. Besides the many cars that unavoidably become part of the accidents, the loved ones of those involved are often forced to bear the cost of a family member’s medical expenses — or worse, a loved one’s death. When possible, compensation should be sought in these cases to help with both the monetary costs of medical expenses and the emotional costs of the pain and suffering victims have been forced to endure.

In order for victims to receive compensation, a claim must be pursued in court. This usually involves determining fault in an accident, which requires a thorough assessment of evidence and eye-witness testimonies. If a negligence claim can be successfully pursued through the court system, victims and their families are able to have a shot at a fair recovery.

Source: Las Vegas Sun, “Crash involving 7 motorcycles, 3 cars backs up traffic on I-15,” Ana Ley, Nov. 2, 2013

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