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Las Vegas Road Hazard Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Any individual driving or riding a motorcycle on the roadway is bound to come across obstacles. Hazards such as orange construction cones and construction equipment are usually easily detected and can be navigated with little difficulty. Dangers such as loose gravel, an animal, or missing manhole covers are not so easily avoided. Whereas a car has the ability to travel across some of these hazards without much trouble or damage, odds are that a motorcyclist who hits an open manhole at 35 miles per hour will suffer a serious motorcycle crash. Who is to blame when a motorcycle crashes because of road hazards? You need an experienced attorney in this situation to help you fight your case: 702-252-0055

Types of Road Hazards

There are innumerable examples of road hazards that can present themselves to motorcyclists. Some hazards are easily detectable and avoidable; others are more difficult to spot. Examples of hazards include:


  • Litter, trash, glass, and other miscellaneous loose objects;
  • Traffic control markers, cones, or signs;
  • Trees, limbs, tumbleweeds, and other such natural materials;
  • Fallen power lines or utility poles;
  • Potholes, open manhole covers, or other damage to the roadway itself; and
  • Wet, oily, or slippery road surfaces.


What to Do After a Road Hazard Motorcycle Accident

When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a road hazard, your first priority should be making sure you receive the medical treatment you need for your injuries. Some injuries will only get worse if left untreated; furthermore, the longer you wait to receive treatment, the more difficult it becomes to show that your injuries are attributable to the road hazard accident.

Once you receive treatment, the following steps can help you recover compensation for the injuries you suffered:

  • Write down a description of the accident. Oftentimes, details are very important in determining whether a plaintiff will recover compensation or not. Unfortunately, as time goes on many of these details can be forgotten. Putting your memory in writing as soon as possible helps guarantee that the facts of your accident will be available for your recall whenever you need them. You should include as much detail as possible, such as what hazard you struck, where it was located in the roadway, what the weather and lighting conditions were at the time of the accident, how much traffic was present, and whether you observed anyone else hit the hazard either before or after you. Place this record in the same place you keep any medical bills or other important documents from your accident and be prepared to share these with your lawyer.
  • Take photographs of the scene. A picture speaks a thousand words, so taking photographs of the accident scene – even if you go back a few days later – can be immensely helpful. If possible, try to take photographs of your injuries and the road hazard that caused you to crash.
  • Contact a motorcycle accident attorney. Road hazard cases can be difficult in that it may not be readily apparent who was negligent in your case. Contacting the Las Vegas road hazard motorcycle accident attorneys at Ladah Law Firm, PLLC.  We will investigate your crash thoroughly and hold the person responsible for causing the road hazard accountable for your injuries.  Contact us today for a free consultation at 702-252-0055.


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