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Distracted Driving Dangers — And What Nevada Is Doing About It

Texting or talking to a client who has a question that can’t wait until the morning. Putting on makeup or getting in a quick shave before a job interview. Eating breakfast or drinking your morning coffee on the go. Setting your GPS as you set off on a long weekend. Even disciplining squabbling siblings in the back seat. Sound familiar? That’s because many people do all of these things while behind the wheel – and more – without thinking twice. More important, they often believe that they are still in control of their vehicle at the time and that accidents only happen to the other drivers who have put themselves on auto-pilot.

But that belief does nothing to change the fact that distracted driving is extremely dangerous:

  • Two studies – one by the New England Journal of Medicine and another by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety – found that cell phones and driving do not mix. Use one and you are four times as likely to be in an accident as the cell-phone-less driver.
  • The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles reports that nationwide in 2009 more than 5,000 deaths and half a million injuries were related to distracted driving. And these numbers are on the rise – from 10 percent of drivers in 2005 allegedly distracted at the time of their accident to 16 percent of drivers in 2009.
  • In Nevada alone, the state DMV estimates some 3,500 accidents related to distracted driving take place each year, while 60 distraction-related deaths have occurred in the last five years.

Nevada Makes Penalties Tougher For Driving While Using A Cell Phone

As of January 1, 2012, the legislature of Nevada enacted a law that makes it illegal for drivers to use a handheld cell phone or similar device while behind the wheel. Drivers cannot make calls, text, read e-mails or surf the web from these devices.

To put some teeth into this law, Nevada now imposes penalties for anyone breaking the strict cell phone usage rules, including fines of up to $250. Enforcers are stepping up to the plate and looking for violators whose behind-the-wheel activities put others at risk.

What To Do If You’ve Been Injured

If you were injured in an accident – whether you suspect the other driver was distracted at the time or not – you do have legal recourse. Speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands Nevada’s laws to find out if your case has the makings of a personal injury lawsuit.

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